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My fellows and friends:

Laizhou, reputed as China rose town, was surrounded by green hills and blue sea, with fresh air and China rose covering the area. So the it is sure to be a famous resort. Laizhou is an excellent place for investment for its 108 kilos long coast and over 30 kinds of minerals. Especially the marbles and granites are attract many overseas businessmen.

ake a second thinking ,either in palace or modern hotel, you always see the buildings are propped by stone post, ground was paved by stone panels, It is a kind of ideal decoration material for its elegance and pleasing to eyes. LXSM at North Stone Material Base is famous for its high quality product which have been sold to England, Germany, France, Korea, America, Russia, and etc.We are only 25 kilometers away from Laizhou Port,Weiwu Freeway, a 10000-tonnage port, and Dalailong Railway is just running through its hinterland, which attracts many customers to invest here.

My fellows, Our folks in China Stone Capital will serve you on the basis of principle:" hearty attitude, excellent service and high quality product and trustable credit".

Wish our high quality products will attract all customers from all parts of the world.

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