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General Manager Biography:
Li zhaobo, general manager of shandong xianglei stone co., LTD., was born in lijiazhuang, xiaqiu town, laizhou city, shandong province, in 1963. He joined the army in 1981 and was discharged from the army in 1986. He won the title of "Excellent Veterans" in the Yanwei Garrison Area of Jinan Military Area Command.
      Army after discharge is not retreated, in his hometown of enterprising, director-general business, was founded in 1992 in the summer of laizhou city Qiu Xianglei shi caihang, after more than twenty years of efforts, auspicious lei factory from scratch, since the childhood, already developed now become an annual output value of tens of millions of large stone processing joint-stock companies - shandong auspicious lei stone co., LTD., with beautiful stone was decorated with modern metropolis, Carved a solid rock for the construction of national socialism.
      Li Zhaobo was elected Party Secretary and Director of the Lijiazhuang Village Party Committee in the 2004 general election. Over the past two decades, Comrade Li Zhaobo has worked conscientiously for the construction of the new socialist countryside, worked hard to lead the whole village people out of poverty and become rich, and worked tirelessly for the development of the local economy. Over the past ten years, the economy of lijiazhuang village has developed rapidly, and the living environment and quality of life of the village have also been greatly improved, which has played an exemplary role in the development of the local economy, the village and the veterans.


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